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I became a Christian when I was nine years old. When I was thirty-three, I planted a church, which I now pastor. Somewhere in the middle, I became a man.

I believe in classical manhood- manliness that emphasizes God over men, service over self, diligence over slothfulness, and a dedication to the scriptural axiom in Proverbs 18:12b, “…Before honor, is humility”.

In fact, I’ve found that the character traits we think of in the perfect man’s man, are traits the Bible already teaches Christian men to have (See the Five Doctrines).

I also believe it’s important for men to do quality things and strenuous things. Things like dressing well, making things with your hands. Fixing your own things. training in self-protection, getting up early, living by a routine, collecting rare skills, doing things outside, teaching your kids things regularly.

Here, you’ll find everything from Biblical exposition to manly skills and projects, book reviews, and more. I hope it helps.

Semper efficio!